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The (dreadful) state of the Quadraphonic community

I’ve been forced to break my silence here because of the continued idiocy of those that are thought to be ‘In the know’ and ‘those to be followed’ in what it believes to be the font of all knowledge when it comes to all things Quadraphonic.

I feel sorry for those who know little, to nothing, of the heyday of quad in that all they have to go on is the tripe that is spurted out by these people held in (false) esteem. It is the one sadness that i have that i’ll be leaving having barely made a dent in these peoples strangle hold on the community.

What has brought this about (again) is the following statement by ‘kap’n krunch’ on a subject he quite obviously knows nothing about, in every respect:

Having done QC for this release, and for some insane reason, not stating ANYWHERE that it’s a DVD-A, I can attest to the fact that it was NOT an SQ decode.

First of all, you can not get that kind of separation even with the best of scripts (just listen to the perfect separation of the drums on the left rear, no way josé that it’s a decode.)

Second, I saw a note written by an engineer who did a transfer from the MASTER of one of Yes’  LANDMARK albums a YEAR after it was recorded and he found all kinds of imperfections; “surface noise”, clicks, etc.
Guys, remember , analog tape is great but it’s not perfect!
And this was a 40 year old tape!!! (and not even the 1st gen master!)

I was quite amused to listen to it and having it sound better than what I remember listening before it was released.

Yes, the cover is VERY sloppy; no info on who did what and the typos that remind me of the ELP BSS SACD (STS anyone??)… LPCDM??? DTX????  oh well..we got it and, as opposed to the “King Arthur” one which is a DISASTER, this one is quite enjoyable…I’ll give it a healthy 8.

So, you can attest that it’s not an SQ decode? Really? How? I certainly don’t remember you contacting ME (the person who actually did the (pre-phoenix) decode for, and used, on that release. The Quad master tapes most certainly were not available for any of the Rick Wakeman releases.

Where have you been living, the separation issue on SQ has long been broken (by myself), and may i state that if you think the level of separation is impressive (thank you for the back-handed complement) then you’ll be shocked just how more impressive the possibilities are now!

You continue to to use scripts from the dark past, wake up, things have greatly moved on in the world. All you do is to show just how little you, and the rest of the know-nothings there, actually know.

That release was/is, in my view, very poor and very badly treated by the compression happy ‘Abbey Road’ studios. That release is an embarrassment, so much so that i made available to a handful (literally) of people a uncompressed Phoenix decode in compensation as Universal were willing to do nothing to right what Abbey Road had done to it.

So people, please be warned, those who confess to know it all in a certain place are of this level. Basically they are technically devoid of anything resembling fact and are to be treated with the highest contempt. Unfortunately there is nowhere i can suggest to go for the facts, if that’s what you are requiring.

About oxforddickie

A comfirmed Quadraholic i believed that the textbooks were wrong and near discrete decoding of the SQ & QS matrix systems was possiblke... and i've proven it in the 'Mythical' decoding process's.

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  1. The only way to stay sane is to ignore these people and not read anything they write. I come here for real info on quad.

    One of the problems appears to be that it is very hard for some people to admit that they were wrong. Having stated things so firmly and built their reputation, it’s too much of a loss of face for them to admit they got something wrong. So to protect their reputation they stick to the rubbish they’ve been spouting for years – it may even have been true in the past eg. difficulty getting discrete rear separation from SQ.

    I made a similar mistake saying something couldn’t be Q8 as it was too good, then ArmyOfQuad popped up and said it was his transfer on a Fostex reel conversion which is why it sounded so good even for Q8. I accepted his explanation and re-calibrated my ideas of what a well transferred Q8 can sound like.


    • Once i had read what this person had said i decided it was time to ‘kick ass’. before i go, people will know what a load of rubbish is talked about by these so-called “experts”. Lets just say it’s my farewell present 🙂


      • I have really enjoyed the experience you and your work have given to so many, even if, and certainly not to the same degree, I fell foul of your threshold for suffering fools!

        Now genius may also account for some petulance but, like all nitpicking/nagging it tests even the best of us…

        I have no idea of the costs of maintaining this website/blog etc nor could I even reasonably account for all the hours of effort, and intellectual energy so generously given to the ideal of Quad demonstrated by you and your closer band of fellow quadrophiles.

        I haven’t really been an active user since I failed to comprehend how to access stuff, but, my admiration has never dimmed.

        I really hope that those many years of decoding that sits within your temple gets something like a dedicated US Presidential reference library in the near future…I’d hate to think that, like the ancient Chinese knowledge of making bells with multiple tones in a single casting, this unique knowledge gets buried with you!


      • Hello. I am one of those members who appreciated the amount of work you did discovering the secret formula for discrete 4.0 out of 2 channel matrix. I still wish I had the radio show from the 80s where the announcer quite knowingly explained it was “impossible” to get discrete from SQ QS or other matrix. I believe he’s died. You are justifiably proud of having done “the impossible” in your work and your discoveries; and angry someone has used their “vast” knowledge to deny the quality of Phoenix or earlier format. I would guarantee, or bet real money that if we measured how high people hold you in esteem before that comment was published, and then subtracted how high they held you after reading the above comments. There would be no mathematical difference. I have a skin tag the size of a dime (‘..a dime is a small American coin.”) that grabs my attention 100 times a day, every time I sit. Too me it is a menace of the approximate size of Godzilla. To the other 4 billion people, they could not care less. Huge importance to me, no import to the other occupants of planet earth. And so I belatedly have your cure! Go outside. Teach a kid to ride a bicycle. You cannot stay angry and teach bike riding. Go teach a local kid to ride a bike. ( I realize as this was six months ago you may not remember this letter. and that would be better!!). Time is short…



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