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BBC Proms in Binaural…sort of

The BBC continues to play around with surround sound without ever commiting themselves. This year they continue with their experiments with Binaural sound, but instead of transmitting broadcasts live, they are making selected concerts available to listen to after the broadcast.

The page to go to is here, where you’ll find a number of concerts available to listen too already.


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  1. Last year we got live stereo FLAC lossless streaming of Radio 3, for the duration of the Proms. This is so underwhelming in comparison, especially for me because a) I don’t like listening with headphones/earphones and b) I find binaural doesn’t work for me anyway.


    • I didn’t see any mention of Flac encoded broadcasts, although i was hoping for the return of Quad broadcasting.

      I do wish they’d stop playing around and just settle on one thing, after all, it’s our money they’re spending!


    • There is no FLAC streaming this year, if there was a forum I am on for Logitech SqueezeBox iPlayer plugin would have lit up like a christmas tree with postings. Also I tried playing FLAC a couple of times and I just get an error saying there is no FLAC stream available.

      I too wish the BBC would just make their minds up. The iPlayer team have stated it is their medium term goal to stream radio lossles. This only requires a little more than double the bit rate from 320kbps AAC we have now to go to FLAC. I was hoping the Radio 3 FLAC trial last year was the start of a push to FLAC streams, but no joy yet.


  2. forthosewithfourears

    I rarely listen with headphones either nowadays – but I’ll give a few of these a listen to see how they shape up.


  3. Someone on the get_iplayer mailing list with contacts at the BBC says these are coventional recordings then subsequently mixed to make them binaural. They are not proper binaural recordings using a dummy head.


    • Sigh
      To be of more use, if that’s all they are doing they’d i think they’d have more response if they mixed it ambisonically.


    • Ahhhh… no wonder they are so, er… “pedestrian” sounding.

      I downloaded most of the titles – looking forward to some binaural realism – only to be totally underwhelmed by the headphone experience.

      I’ve made my own binaural recordings, and they DO give you the “you are there” in 360-degree sound. Imagine 2:30 am on a hot summer night, in a country setting (backing onto a forest). The crickets are chirping and the peace is disturbed every so often by night creatures in the nearby trees.

      At one point, a freight train is MILES away in the distance, sounding its horn – and you can sense the progress across the vast distance between dummy head and railway. Utterly convincing. Contact me if you would like a copy of the recording.

      This BBC stuff is a waste of time and storage.

      Thanks OD for the valiant attempt to spread the word… too bad The BeeB let you (and us) down.



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