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About oxforddickie

A comfirmed Quadraholic i believed that the textbooks were wrong and near discrete decoding of the SQ & QS matrix systems was possiblke... and i've proven it in the 'Mythical' decoding process's.

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  1. All I can say is thank you for all you’ve done. I do not understand the processes involved but your time and efforts have been appreciated by most of us fans. Bless you, sir.


  2. Thanks for everything you did to preserve the music.


  3. rockysquirrel

    Sorry to hear you are discouraged, OD. Although I don’t understand the technical details of your decoding processes, I appreciate how good your decodes sound. I gave-up on SQ when it was popular, but you have amazed me with how discrete your decodes sound. I think you are a genius. Whatever you decide to do, best of luck! — and thanks for the wonderful music!


  4. rockysquirrel

    PS. Thank you so much for that Rolling Stones!


  5. Thanks for sparking my interest in quadraphonic recordings, without your efforts I would have never experienced how much more enjoyable music can be!



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